Affordable Housing

Sureste Affordable Housing LLC

Sureste Affordable Housing LLC takes responsibility of multifamily properties and projects with a focus on affordable housing LIHTC, and other tax incentivized development opportunities. Our goal is to build equitable and sustainable communities through the development and management of affordable housing units for low-income families. Sureste does this by using IDB Bonds, opportunity zones, and special tax areas that offer for advantages in financing and long-term government stabilized properties which allows our team to offer a customized approach to meeting the unique needs of the residents.

Our guiding principle is to provide quality affordable homes while at the same time, creating solid proceeds and a strong capital appreciation for financial partners. Our process begins by identifying opportunities that offer superior return potential and the understanding they will thrive. Our team then identifies project that will thrive with support from our operations company who are accountable for the execution of the project’s business plan. As lead Sponsors we invest our own capital in every project and provide investor partners preferred return positioning.

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